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Reddit is often mentioned in the category of social media platforms. When someone gives you tips on how to use social media for marketing, they mention Reddit. However, this is a rather different platform that demands a special approach.

Currently, Reddit is ranked as the 7th most popular website on a global level. That detail should be enough for you to realize how important this network can be for your marketing campaign.

Felicity Angels, a marketing expert from SuperiorPapers, told us that her team used Reddit to boost the awareness of this brand. These are the tips she extracts from this experience:

  • Reddit is one of the few networks where anonymity is respected. It’s okay to use the name of your brand as a username if you’re aiming for heavy promotion. However, it’s also okay to stay anonymous.
  • Use the Popular feature to find and subscribe to the most active subreddits. However, you don’t want to limit your activity on them. Explore the areas relevant to your business and get engaged.
  • Reddit gives you a chance to show your expertise. That’s the smartest marketing strategy: expertise. Find posts where your target users ask questions and give them the answers. Help them solve problems. When you establish yourself as an active member of the community, people will trust you. You know what that means: they will click your links. If they like what they see, they will convert to customers.
  • There are two subreddits that are essential for small businesses: Small Business and Entrepreneur. Here, you’ll find serious tips on how to make your business work.
  • Karma points are important. They reflect your contribution to the community with comments and posts. Instead of having multiple accounts that don’t matter, it’s better to work with a single one that will gain authority.
  • Reddit contains a wealth of information. You can understand how potential customers act and what they want from businesses like yours. Read the relevant threads!

Practical Tips: How to Use Reddit for Your Small Business

Meet Snoo, reddit’s mascot.

You create a profile. That’s easy. What happens next? We’ll give you few practical tips on how to use your Reddit activity to the advantage of your business.

  1. Get into Reddit’s Deals

In the Deals subreddit, you can promote your business through special offers. The users often check this section when they want to buy something. If someone is interested in your products or services, they will appreciate the special price. There’s no need to be overly promotional here. Just cut through the chase and give them the offer.

  1. Pay for Ads

Reddit advertising is a great way to attract potential customers. You can set up a campaign in minutes and monitor its success. There’s no minimum spend commitment, and you’ll put a limit to your spendings so you’ll make sure they won’t go overboard. Reddit will show the ad to your target audience.

  1. Have a Plan

You’re not there as a casual Reddit user. You’re there to engage and inform the audience, so you’ll need a planned approach. Daily presence is recommended. Try to write useful posts every day. Whenever you have new deals and special offers, share them with the community.

  1. Appreciate the Feedback

The best thing about Reddit is that it puts you in direct contact with your consumers. The ones who used your product or service will probably share impressions. Some of them may be harsh. You have to learn from their feedback. If their notes are serious, take them into consideration and do something to improve the satisfaction rates.

Monitor the feedback the audience gives to your direct competitors. You can learn from their strengths and weaknesses!

  1. Share Viral Content

Of course you’ll share your own content on Reddit. There’s always space for more original content on this platform. However, you can also share viral GIFs, videos, articles, infographics, and other kind of content that’s relevant to your business. If the Redditors find it funny or useful, they will notice your username.

  1. Ditch the Salesy Tone

Shameless self-promotion is not a good thing. The active users on Reddit won’t appreciate you trying to convince them to spend their money. However, if you give value to your community and you present your business as helpful, they will consider it.

  1. Start a Contest

Free stuff? Everyone is in! You should first check with the moderators of the category, just to see if they will allow you to host a contest. You’ll probably get the permission, since these contests are good for Reddit’s popularity, too. Think of the rules and ask the participants to do something in order to get a valuable prize from your business.

  1. Delegate Responsibilities!

As a business owner, you hardly have time for Reddit every single day. You’ll have tons of comments to read. If you feel it’s too much, you should definitely delegate the tasks to someone from your team. Or, you can hire a marketing expert to promote you on Reddit and all social media platforms.

  1. Have an AMA Session

The “Ask Me Anything” session is a great way to give people the information they need regarding your business. Introduce yourself and your business and invite the Redditors to ask questions.

  1. Use Reddit as a Customer Support Platform

You already know how important the customer support system is for your website. However, you should also keep in mind that your consumers share impressions on Reddit. You can connect with them on this platform to respond to their comments and provide a solution to a potential problem they have with your product or service.

Reddit can help your business in ways you don’t expect. Start implementing the above-listed tips in your marketing campaign and you’ll soon see the positive results.

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