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Yesterday Mandy stumbled upon this cool feature on the iPod Touch (As far as I know this only works on 2.0 firmware) which allows you to take a screenshot of your iPod Touch anywhere whether it be your home page, within an application, etc. without any additional software needing to be installed.

It’s extremely simple to do as well, you can even email the screenshot to someone or yourself if you would like. To take a screenshot all you need to do is hold down the Menu button (the black circle) and press the power button at the top of the device – you will see a white flash on your screen which means the screenshot was taken.

In order to access the screenshots just go to your Pictures on your iPod Touch. It will appear within your saved images. If you would like to email it to someone, click the image once and you will notice an arrow on the far bottom left click that and it will give you three options – Email, Set as wallpaper, and set it as a contact’s icon. Select email and it will open Mail (assuming you have it configured to work with your email and a WiFi connection) just enter the person’s email and hit send. That’s it!

Pretty cool, huh?  Leave a comment!


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