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Despite being one of the older digital marketing technologies, email marketing is just as relevant as it’s ever been. This is especially true when it’s used in combination with other technologies like customer relationship management (CRM) systems and even artificial intelligence to improve the relevancy of the emails and to add extra value to customers.

In fact, 58% of millennials say that email is their preferred way to be contacted, while there will be over three billion email users by 2020, making the potential audience larger than that of any social networking site. On top of that, 86% of consumers would like to receive monthly promotional emails from companies they do business with, while 15% want to receive those emails every day.

But your emails won’t make much of a difference if people aren’t opening them, which is why you need to track your open rate over time and to go out of your way to generate as many opens and conversions as possible. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1.   Tease the content

Leveraging different types of content is a great way for you to boost your marketing. With that said, though, it won’t do you any good unless people know that it’s there. People can’t be dazzled by the beautiful graphics in your email if they don’t open it, so consider using the subject line to tease the content inside.

2.   Check the spelling

Consider hiring an assignment writing service like Paper Writing Pro to double check the spelling and grammar of your subject lines before you send them. Just a single spelling mistake can cut online sales in half.

3.   Use personalization

At the most basic level, you can personalize your subject lines by including recipients’ names in them. More powerful email systems will allow you to get to know your customers over time and to select headlines that feature subject matter they’re more likely to be interested in. You can also personalize the “from” name so that they’re receiving emails from employees that they’ve done business with.

4.   Run tests

It might not seem as though email marketing and working for an essay service have much in common, but you’d be surprised. When I was working with EssayWritingLand, we used to shortlist a half dozen different titles for each essay and then test them internally to find out what worked the best. The same idea can work with your email subject lines, so consider using A/B tests to figure out exactly which headlines are the most successful.

5. Consider numbered lists

Numbered lists are just as popular in emails as they are in blog posts, and writing your content in the form of a numbered list and reflecting that in your headline can be a great way to encourage people to click that all-important open button.

6. Be negative

Sometimes negativity can be more effective than positivity when it comes to getting clicks. For example, if you run with a “10 Things You’re Doing Wrong” style headline, people will open up the email if only to confirm that they themselves are in the right.

7. Break the rules

You need to know the rules before you can break them, but once you’re getting decent open and engagement rates you can start to experiment. Get playful with your subject lines, consider tying in with recent news events and be prepared to take gambles and to go with your gut. You need to keep your email campaigns fresh or people will start to tire of them.

8. Measure and improve

All the best marketers keep a close eye on their metrics so that they can tell whether their work is having an impact. In this case, your open rate is one of the main metrics that you’ll want to measure, but it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on clicks and conversions. These metrics will tell you whether the changes you are making are positive or negative and ultimately will help to guide you in the right direction.


There are two different types of email marketing: there’s the spam approach, which gives the field a bad name, and there’s the personalized approach, which is all about adding as much value to your readers as possible.

Arguably the best way to improve your open rates is to consistently provide great quality content. Marketing thought leader Jay Baer says you should make your marketing so useful that people would pay for it. I’d argue that the same should be true of your email marketing.

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