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Recently, we published an article about online advertising and posed the question of whether it is annoying or useful?  Despite how you may feel about online ads, one thing is clear, website owners who display ads through ad networks such as Google AdSense need to be aware of the types of ads your visitors will see when they visit your site.  While Google does screen advertisements that will be displayed throughout its ad network sometimes there are ads which you will not want to be shown on your site.  Not every ad allowed by Google is ideal for every site that uses its network.

And quite honestly, that’s fine.  Google has acknowledged that fact and allows AdSense publishers to control the types of ads that display on their sites.  You can block entire categories of ads.  For example, if you run a tech site you may not want health and beauty ads to appear so you can block that using Google’s control panel.  However, what if the ad you want to block is within the category of ads you want shown?  Fear not.  Google thought of that too.

If you use Google’s Competitive Ad filter (found in the AdSense control panel), you can easily block specific URL’s of websites whose ads you don’t want to appear on your site.  While this is great if you advertise a particular product and don’t want a competitors ad to show up, this is also great for people who care about the types of ads shown on their site.  Let me explain.

BestTechie has developed a presence in the malware fighting community over the years and we block any ads which may promote a piece of spyware or “rouge” software.  We do this to protect visitors and also to protect our reputation.  If you promote something you don’t recommend then you look like a hypocrite and you lose a lot of respect.  Plus, if someone associates downloading spyware or malware from your site they won’t come back and may even complain about it on another site which harms you and your site.

In order to help combat those types of ads from appearing on BestTechie we use Google’s competitive ad filter.  This list is constantly growing, when I see a new ad which I don’t like I add it to the list, but here it is in its current state (feel free to use it on your own sites).  I should also note if you use a firewall you can add this list of URL’s into the auto-block list to ensure they never load at any website.

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