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The growth of the online printing business has made discounted printing prices and faster deliveries accessible to all. Catering to the need of both small and large clients, online printers can also support all types of printing formats and allow for more personalization.

Online marketing has done wonders for enterprises, but most local businesses still rely heavily on customized prints. These are used to keep reminding their existing customers of their presence and to attract new clientele.

Even though most marketing campaigns still rely on brochures, flyers and posters, the wise businessman knows that there are also other ways to cultivate customer loyalty. Business cards, planners, envelopes and letterheads are a small example of the printable materials that create loyalty in both the customers and the employees of a business.

Printpeppermint is one online printing company that has taken advantage of the design abilities of their team and the sophisticated design tools available today to produce high-quality, customized digitally printed materials.

What are the advantages of online custom printing?

With four significant benefits for both the customer and printer, online custom printing consistently delivers high-quality printing, speedily and convenience.

Highly personalized experiences

It is far easier to set scheduled deliveries of various marketing material with an online printer. A business just has to submit the design wanted for the relevant printing job, place the order and payment details. The order is instantly placed without them even needing to leave their office.

Digital presses also offer flexibility for the introduction of personalized elements onto the printed materials, without slowing down the printing process. Therefore, the same batch can have customized fields that will be distributed to targeted customers.

Discounted printing prices

Online printing businesses can charge lower prices for the same printing job. This is mostly because more clients are asking for the same type of printing process. This leads to larger printing runs. The setting up for multiple printing means that its less labor intensive and the savings in the printing is passed on to the customer.

Saving time and money

Even on short notice, online printers are usually faster and ship at a lower cost. When clients are well prepared and present their online printers with all the relevant information, the whole process is more streamlined and can be delivered faster. Planning ahead is always convenient for the customer; the less rushed the order, the better it will be priced.

Online printers offer busy people the option of submitting orders, making payments and reviewing outstanding orders during any day of the week, including weekends, and at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. This also means that because of cloud-based storage, customers can access the designs and make changes as they need.

Design tools and proofing

Most online printing companies offer design-ready templates for aspiring business owners who want to unleash their creative side.

Online design tools like the one offered by printpeppermint, allow printing customers to design their own products before confirming and ordering their prints.

At printpeppermint, once the design is submitted, in less than 24 hours the customer receives a proof of what the final print will look like. If no further editing is needed, the printing job begins. However, if the client is unsure about the final design, printpeppermint, like most online printing companies, offer graphic design services. These highly trained individuals are ready to assist with logos, and any other design advice, ensuring not only speed and affordability, but a final product that reflects quality, creativity and care.

Other online printing businesses that all offer similar services. These include,,,, and

Online Custom printing contributes to a better environment

While offering solutions to their customers, online printing businesses also need to ensure that they are making their contributions to ensuring an environmentally friendly industry. Their most important contribution is that their customers don’t need to leave their business or home to place an order or discuss ideas. Most conscientious companies today, printpeppermint included, use chemical-free inks and printing paper made with a high percentage of recyclable materials.

Ultimately, the best online printers need to offer their customers a fast and affordable service that never compromises on the quality of their customized printed products.

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