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John Bonavia has had an interesting career that has included roles in the film industry, TV appearances and modeling assignments. He has also had a successful career in finance, business, real estate, and event planning. He studied Business Administration and Management at the University of Maryland because according to him, his dream was always to become an entrepreneur, but to also help others achieve success in their ventures.

Today we’re sharing his story on venture capital with tech entrepreneurs who want to finance the next “un-fundable” business so do read on…

As the founder of Head Financial Consultant, John has been offering his advice on residential, commercial and industrial holdings for over 13 years. Just recently, he and a group of visionaries decided to start the venture called The Gateway Advantage. This lavish space in Encinitas, California, is aimed at bringing professional people together in a productive environment where they can create a professional support network.

The demands of the new enterprise ensure that John is continuously on the move, so this interview was conducted telephonically.

John Bonnavia in California

Tell us more about Gateway Advantage and what it aims to achieve?

Gateway Advantage was created by visionaries and each one of us has a personal passion. Our main aim is to help businesses get funding and support. The concept is to do this in an environment where people from various professional networks and backgrounds can meet socially while also getting the benefit of a support network. Keynote speakers and events will be planned and there are also lounges, conference and dining areas. This space is created so that people can be inspired and where relevant and significant business relationships can be built.

What would you say to TECH startups seeking finance?

On the one hand, if you have an idea that can be scaled globally, the sky is the limit. Just remember that you will need to go the extra mile to achieve valuation because this category lacks physical assets most of the time. Therefore, having a business that provides evidence of a good ROI on a small test run can draw in the type of investors that want to help you scale up.

What would you say are your strongest qualities?

I am a problem solver and like to use this gift to help people at all levels of their lives. People don’t only look for financial success, but also face other problems that they often need help with. In business, I love a challenge and I consider my best qualities to be my ethics, leadership abilities and creativity that helps drive growth. I am always on the lookout for a business opportunity that no one else believes in.

Who are the people that you consider to have had the greatest positive influence in your life? Both now and when you were growing up.

These people are the same now as they were when I was growing up. Perhaps for a time there I did forget some of the values that they taught me, but through my recent tribulations and reflections my heart rediscovered them all again. They are my father who has always been my mentor, my mother who taught me to be deeply spiritual, and Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior who has never left my side.

Even though you have been a successful from a young age, you also faced adversity at some point. Would you say that you are a changed person?

Definitely, I have changed for the better. Not many people can say that they haven’t made a mistake at some point in their lives. I turned over a new page and I am ready to show the world who I really am and how much I love and appreciate life.

Would you like to share how you got to the point where you realized you had to change?

I started investing at a young age, and before long I had built a successful Wall Street portfolio. At the same time, I also became known for my marketing work with Sean John. Financial success at such a young age proved to be bad for me because I associated it with partying all night. I realized that I have had a privileged life with good people in it and I was lucky to have been given a second chance. I used this time to review and renew my perception of life, to continue with my education and to find the happiness that is all around me.

Our final question for today. How do you give back to your community?

The best way to give back to a community is to care for its women and children, and I always support local charities and hospitals.

The Gateway Advantage is also a way that we can give back to our community. Venture capital give industries the opportunity to achieve their goals, thereby offering people opportunities to work within their communities.

We ended the interview after John Bonavia politely thanked us. We were thrilled to be invited to meet up with him early next year at the Gateway Advantage and we can’t wait to go and see the space and meet John in person.

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