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Chatbots are everywhere online, welcoming people to websites. A chatbot is a little box that pops up in the corner to say “Hello” and asks visitors a question like, “What brings you to this website?” It is not just there to welcome visitors. It can actually improve their experience on the website and convert them to customers if they are there to buy.

By adding a chatbot to a website, that can communicate with visitors, enterprises can guide visitors through the buying process in a personal way, and almost human way.

SnatchBot is a very good example of a chatbot that can help enterprises in many ways. It is easy to set up, and then the enterprise can add information about itself and its products and the chatbot is ready to greatly increase conversions.

How to integrate SnatchBot into a conversion strategy

An enterprise that is keen to make sales day and night and even during public holidays can use it in the ways described below.

Improve customer service

The fundamental reason for the existence of chatbots is to improve customer service. An enterprise that installs a chatbot, like SnatchBot, on its website and on social media can make better sales than its competitors simply by having better customer service. With the availability of advanced technology these days, consumers are used to getting what they want when they want it. That makes it necessary for customer service to be available at all times. Also, research published in the Harvard Business Review found that many people are willing to pay higher prices for goods and services as long as the customer services is fast. And, SnatchBot can provide great customer service 24/7.

The reason why a chatbot has this advantage is that customers who are interested in a product normally have a number of questions to determine if the product is right for their needs and a chatbot answers those questions fast. The immediate answers quickly bring the customers to the point of making a purchase. That way chatbots boost conversion and enhance the bottom line.

Make product recommendations

Many people who visit an online store are looking for particular products. Instead of leaving them to search through the store to find the perfect product, an enterprise can bring the desired products straight to the visitors using chatbots. A bot on an online store can ask the customers what exactly they are looking for and then provide them with options that meet their needs.

For example, if a person is looking for a particular brand of shoes, the bot can recommend a variety of shoes by that label in the right sizes and color. The bot is even better if it has a link to purchase. It can also upsell and cross-sell items that may go well with those shoes. It’s like placing the hottest items in the hands of the shopper and walking them to the checkout. And the shopper is likely to buy those shoes plus one other item!

Screen quality leads

Not every visitor to a store is the right fit for the products or services, therefore not everyone should be converted. Only suitable visitors who are likely to buy should be converted. This is where a bot comes in handy. Instead of wasting valuable time trying to convert everyone, it can qualify leads. The key is to set it up to automatically interact with visitors by asking them pre-determined lead-qualifying questions. For example:

  • How can we help you? What problem do you want to solve?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • What other solutions are you evaluating?

If a chatbot is programmed to qualify leads like this, it will quickly eliminate visitors that are not going to make a purchase and focus on the ones who are interested in buying.

Engage customers on social media

Enterprises do not need to wait for people to visit their website to buy. They can have a chatbot right where people spend a lot of time, i.e. on social media! SnatchBot has one advantage because it can build bots on Facebook Messenger, Skype, Webchat, SMS, Slack, Telegram, Line and other social network platforms. And, those people are mostly on their mobile phones and chatbots provide a better mobile experience for them.

The Michigan State University conducted a study in which it found that 76% of the participants completed a web-based survey via Facebook Messenger chatbot and only 35% completed the same survey on their smartphones. That means social media are a gold mine for customers and enterprises can effectively use chatbots to capture more customers on social media. In fact, many companies are already using chatbots for sales on social media, for instance Domino’s Pizza enables its customers to order a pizza on its Facebook Messenger chatbot.

Enterprises should seriously consider implementing chatbots!

Enterprises do not have to limit their sales to working hours only. People are available on social media 24/7, and even during weekends and holidays, and they can be converted into customers any day any time. Chatbots are the right tools for this job as they will answer questions and guide shoppers through the buying process any time. And because chatbots provide great customer experience, the converted people are likely to become loyal customers. Try SnatchBot! The latest developments on APR and chatbots is definitely something to follow.

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