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Digital marketing is a rapidly growing and changing industry. With ever-expanding technology and heightened customer expectations, digital marketing has become a obstacle that many companies are unable to conquer. However, digital marketing success is being increasingly attributed to chatbot technologies as they continue to be adopted and implemented across industries.

A major area in which chatbots can assist is social media. More specifically, chatbots in messaging apps are becoming both a common way for companies to widely distribute information straight to their consumer base, in addition to providing instant customer service.

For example: employing a chatbot on a brand’s Facebook page provides the company with an opportunity to ping page visitors with live deals or new information, while also prompting consumers to ask any questions they may have while already browsing the brand. This kind of customer service is unparalleled; it is simple, quick, easy and free of any pressure to purchase or forfeit an email address. This kind of chatbot interaction can have a major impact on brand awareness, sentiment and – ultimately – conversions.

The biggest advantage of employing a chatbot on social media is that it is able to talk with people while they are already using the platform. This eliminates the need for consumers to “call the number on the screen” or “go to www.[insert company here] to order”, both of which have had decreasing success rates over the years. People nowadays want products and services to be easily accessible, with as little action possible required on their end. That is how social media chatbots provide the ultimate digital marketing hack: by existing online and at the consumer’s fingertips.

Chatting with a bot can have a huge effect on customers’ perception of a brand. A brand’s bot script is the perfect way to convey the tone and attitude of the company. Programming silly phrases and corny jokes will give a brand a lighter feel, whereas a bot with industry facts on hand and links to sources will boost a brand’s credibility. Either way, chatbots have been proven to increase brand trust among users. If a company is willing to invest in providing 24 hour support to its customers, they will feel the love and reciprocate.

Another way in which chatbots are improving digital marketing is through email. Bots have revolutionized email marketing strategies due to their ability to store, sort and outreach customers automatically. Email bots can be programmed to disseminate regular newsletters, follow up after a purchase with customer experience surveys, and even decrease shopping cart abandonment.

Many companies are also using chatbots to inform their marketing campaigns and strategies. Bots can collect its users’ demographic data, interests, purchase history and other information to help direct future marketing endeavours. By shedding light on a brand’s buyer persona, chatbots are able to help marketers better develop content and structure activations to resonate with their audience.

Chatbots clearly have the potential to unlock many doors in the digital marketing arena. Whether it’s a social media bot, email marketing bot, data bot, or one of the many other kinds of bots out there, any and all businesses have the opportunity to improve their digital marketing strategy and success with chatbots.

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