Successful entrepreneur wishes to share his secret recipe for success, for those who are ambitious entrepreneurs and want to start up their own businesses. The CEO of the video dating app Snatchable has peaked at a huge success and is planning to expand to other countries and communities. 

“The first step of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to have a clear business plan and to truly understand what your goals are. Anyone can say that they want to open up a business, but you have to think deeply about your potential competition, is the product or service you are selling needed by consumers and are you willing to take risks?” Amit stated. He started Snatchable after seeing that his competitors in the field were offering great packages; but at a high price. Amit motivation was to create a dating app that everyone can feel safe and comfortable with and pay it at a decent price.

Amit stated, “Given the current situation with the pandemic,  online consumerism is booming; but at a fair price. We are reaching an economic climate within the next 5 years, so if you want your business to have success, you need to be able to sell your services or product at a price that is reasonable to consumers.”

Snatchable has features such as selfie verification, video calling and limited instant chat. Online dating has now become a normality in our generation, which is why it is a field that has reached such success. There are many dating apps out there now, but Snatchable has been thriving greatly against competitors. Not only that, but Amit has also stated, “I am a big fighter for eradicating human trafficking and child exploitation. Right now, I am speaking to some charities in regards to this and once everything is all set, 5% of all my company’s net profits will go towards helping this cause.”

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Amit will also be expanding the app to the muslim community, in order to try to help modernize the traditions of dating. Amit understands that it is not as easy meeting up for dates in the muslim community, but he is positive that it will have a good influence; since there is a constant evolvement in our generation.

Amit said, “Once you build your brand, model and product, you need to make sure that you target it at the right audience. When you start to see success, don’t stop there. There is a whole world out there, with consumers that are alike or willing to try something new; if you market your product correctly.”  Amit has launched Snatchable in the United Kingdom and India, however he hopes to eventually expand his dating app to other countries such as America, Brazil, Australia and UAE.

When it comes to making decisions and taking risks, it is all from his inspiration of the successful businessman, Elon Musk. He admires the way Elon thinks, speaks and takes drastic actions in his business. From the success he has seen Elon bring in, Amit has also brought in his own success. Amit said, “Always be ready to fail. Do not be scared of taking risks, because those risky decisions you make can lead you to the best opportunities in your life. If you do fail, that is okay, because no business ever took off in the first try.You may lose some money at some points in your career, but this is all part of a learning process that you cannot give up on.”

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 Amit also believes that ambitious entrepreneurs shouldn’t be demotivated if they do not have the funds to start up their businesses. He said, “There are plenty of ways for you to get a start up investment. You can set up a campaign to raise money, you can speak to angel investors, if you have a family member who supports you they can offer you a startup, or lastly, depending on the country that you live in, you can always get a loan from your government.” Amit also believes that an entrepreneur can also go on shows such as Dragon Den or Million Pound Menu; where there are investors who are actively seeking for a new business idea to invest in.

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