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Love them or hate them, it looks like drones are here to stay and they have been providing a wide range opportunities for businesses to increase sales or other ways to increase revenue. From marketing properties to capturing sports coverage, more and more industries are starting to look at the potential opportunities that drone videos present.

Property – In property sales and rentals, drone videos have been used to capture aerial videos of the property and associated land and other key aspects of the location. This is helping to create more interest in the properties that are marketed, compared to just showing still images of the property at land level.

Hotels – The hotel industry is also starting to feel the benefits of being able to show their grounds and facilities from an aerial view. Unlike properties, where there is a regular requirement to capture footage, just a one-off drone video would need to be created to market the hotel so that the costs can be kept down.

Golf courses – The best way to show a golf course is by taking to the sky for a bird’s eye view. To see how each hole lies, regarding hazards, inclines and distances, a drone video is the perfect option to show potential members or visitors the course.

Sports coverage – It can be difficult to capture some sporting action, especially when hurtling down a ski slope or hitting high speeds. Aerial footage using drones has become increasingly popular with sports TV channels to capture the action better than ever before. Events such as Formula 1 races, Tour De France and the Olympics have all featured drone video coverage, and it looks like the demand for drone videos of sporting events will only increase.

Land surveys – Traditionally, images for land surveys were taken by helicopters or planes, which can obviously cost quite a large amount. The use of drones now means that you can save significant money when acquiring these images/videos.

YouTube – People can make money by uploading drone videos onto YouTube. By creating exciting videos such as views of major landmarks or aerial views of events, they can make money if they get high viewing volumes, as advertisers will pay them to advertise on their video.

News channels – News channels are also turning to drone videos to get coverage that might not have been available without drones. So for example, footage of natural disasters like flooding or fires, that would be difficult to take unless using a plane or helicopter. They can also get coverage that would put a person in danger if they were to record the footage, so it has had a huge impact on what coverage can be created for news channels. Pilots who are lucky enough to create a viral drone video can cash in by offering their footage to news channels.

These are just a few ways that businesses have been able to benefit from using drone videos. If you’re looking for a career change or some extra income, then there is certainly demand in the video drone industry.


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