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Data has become a highly-valued commodity in today’s information-based economy. The difference between a successful and unsuccessful business decision often hinges on the underlying data used in that determination. Most companies are skilled at making these decisions in their fields of expertise, but they are not experts at collecting input data to guide those decisions. AggData fills in this gap by providing the highest quality of actionable intelligence regarding business locations and the changing retail landscape. (Visit AggData here for more)

What is AggData?

AggData provides accurate and up-to-date locational data for over 7,500 chains worldwide. The Company compiles, verifies, and updates locations daily, maintaining an ever-growing database of approximately 7,500,000 unique POI’s.

The AggData library contains locational data for companies and brands in 85 industries (including retail, hospitality, medical, and industrial). In the last 12 months, 1,000 companies were added to coverage, and the database continues to expand as new companies appear every week. The Company works exclusively with primary sources of information and implements rigorous QA procedures to ensure clients receive accurate and reliable data.


Location Data is fairly ineffective unless the address information is mapped to a geographic coordinate value, a process known as geocoding. AggData developed a proprietary method for geocoding in order to provide precise coordinates for every POI in the database. Furthermore, the Company has recently completed a massive initiative to ensure rooftop accuracy in which millions of unique locations were manually verified by a team of QA professionals.

Regular updates

Locations open, close, and relocate every day; in order to maintain up-to-date current locations data, each company in the AggData library is updated 4x-12x per year.


AggData offers a variety of customizable data solutions to best fit each use case, including access to over 10 years of historical data, mapping and visualizations integrations, automated data deliveries via API, a proprietary research and analytics platform, and a large support team to assist with special projects


AggData Premium is a subscription service available for use cases that require on-demand access to the most up-to-date locational data across our entire database of companies.

Custom data

AggData is able to create custom datasets, deliver special analyses, and add companies to the database by request.

Future Openings and Closings Data

AggData recently introduced the Retail Openings & Closings system [ROC]. The ROC tracks future retail openings and closings across 25+ industry segments.

Historical Data

AggData maintains the industry’s most extensive historical database, with over 10 years of locations data archived since 2007.

Deliverable and Formatting

Data is provided in .csv file format for compatibility and easy manipulation. AggData .csv files are compatible with Microsoft Excel and a variety of other spreadsheet programs. In addition, the data can be streamed into a database, GIS system, or analytics environment.

Final scoop:

Locational data has extensive applications, and is leveraged by companies in a variety of different industries ranging from investment banks, financial institutions, and advertising agencies, to real estate organizations, tech firms, and manufacturers. AggData’s rooftop-accurate geocodes offer a competitive advantage in an increasingly data-driven environment. AggData is a prime example of the emerging “Data as a Service” industry, which is quickly replacing software and hardware as one of the most valuable assets in technology.

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