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Making a publication successful on one platform is hard enough and Rumble, which is launching in version 2.0 today, understands that.  The company has built what it thinks is the ultimate solution for mobile publishing and it’s working to get big name publishers onboard with this latest release.  In November 2012 Rumble launched version 1.0 which founder and chief revenue officer Uyen Tieu (who I sat down with at Business Insider Ignition Conference) explained to me as a way for the company to focus on making it seamless to integrate content on their platform.  Now, a year later, version 2.0 is the first big push to bring Rumble into the mainstream of publishing.

When it comes to version 2.0, Ms. Tieu says this time it’s about the new features they are launching, specifically the real time control center, advanced monetization tools, and in-depth personalization methods.  Simple content integration, real time control center, monetization tools, and personalization — check, check, check, and check.  Publishers, do I have your attention?  I thought so.

You can use Rumble to power your apps and mobile sites and when it comes to apps it works on all platforms: Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Kindle.  In terms of the types of content that can be displayed in Rumble powered publications the platform is pretty comprehensive from text, photos, videos, and games, to weather, sports scores, and other kinds of interactive widgets.  One other thing that appealed to me about the Rumble platform is its ability to make live changes to both design and layout in realtime without the need to have a user download an app update.

With Rumble’s platform you can implement different monetization tools including various “mobile native” ad units, paywalls, and mobile e-commerce (also known as m-commerce). And being that we are talking about the publishing industry here, which often means news sites, the platform also has ways to send push notifications.  According to a new study conducted by Rumble, push notification are one of the key tools for user re-engagement with rates as high as 70 percent of the user base opening the app upon a single push.  Where do I sign-up?

The study also found another interesting data point, the preferred sharing method of news articles is email, which accounted for 76 percent of shares.  Twitter and Facebook tied in terms of the percentage of news content shared through them with each platform accounting for 12 percent of shares.  Now would probably be a good time to mention that the platform allows publishers to implement sharing capabilities such as email, Twitter, Facebook, and more, so no matter which platform your audience likes to share on, you’re covered.

While publishers could certainly create similar tools in-house, the time it would take to get to market plus maintenance time alone makes Rumble look appealing.  At the very least any publication serious about creating a strong mobile offering should get in touch.

Are you ready to Rumble?  Sorry, I had to to say it!

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