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In 2019 the cannabis industry is expanding rapidly. Cannabis has actually been around for decades though, heightened by the 70’s hippie counterculture and the stoner hits of Bob Marley. Most of us have used cannabis recreationally, and have probably encountered a sketchy dealer that made us question the potency and effectiveness of product were purchasing.

HiGrade empowers consumers to take mindful strides towards smarter consumption of cannabis by instantly testing the THC level of any strain with a smartphone. HiGrade is the brainchild of Asaf Levy and Assaf Gavish, and has taken them on the “trip” of a lifetime. Until now, no other cannabis tool has enabled us to scan a stash and reveal its THC level. This could be extremely beneficial to those who want to be sure that they are getting good green, for either the ‘high’ of their life or medicinal treatment.

HiGrade’s mobile application and portable lens turns a smartphone into a personal laboratory. A user can take a picture of any cannabis flower, and machine learning algorithms detect its THC levels. It’s like your very own weed connoisseur, found right in your pocket. HiGrade has processed over 5 million images to build up its database, and analyzed more than 100,000 user-uploaded images since its 2016 launch.

“The best way to raise the quality of cannabis is to help people assess it upon growth and purchase. By helping consumers evaluate the quality of cannabis, we are also raising the bar for growers,” says Assaf Gavish, Co-Founder and CSO of HiGrade. “Our mission is to empower patients and consumers by giving them access to mobile cannabis testing, allowing them to take charge of their health and wellness.”

HiGrade gets you that good kush with a single snapshot, but could this application be a buzzkill for the cannabis community? It’s unclear yet if the app will be able to decipher the THC level in every single photo, even ones with clarity or resolution issues. What is clear, is how cannabis is in ‘high’ in demand and HiGrade may be the answer to provide the avid cannabis user and novices with the breakthrough tech tool that guarantees good green for everyone’s needs.

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