Hello? It’s me, your Touch Bar

Hello, remember me?

It’s me, your shiny new Touch Bar, located directly above your keyboard on your shiny new MacBook Pro.

I light up occasionally with app options, sound and brightness controls, word and emoji suggestions, and even those old fangled function keys if you tap me the right way.

I’m hoping you can answer a question for me. We’ve been computing together for about a month now, but you have barely tapped on my lovely Multi-Touch display. I mean, there was a point when you first brought me home where you would tap on it frequently and each time, my circuits squeed with joy, but then after about a week of us computing together… not so much. What happened? Did I do something wrong?


(Your hopefully not forgotten) Touch Bar

P.S. Please reply soon, I’m really tired of Touch ID bragging about how much usage he’s getting.

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— Jeff Weisbein

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