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It wasn’t too long ago that Google acquired Gizmo5 which is a VoIP service, similar to that of Skype. It made computer to computer VoIP calls as well as calls to normal landlines, and mobile phones. Gizmo5 can potentially provide some extended functionality to Google Voice product, especially as an endpoint for calls. As of right now, Google Voice users must assign their Google Voice phone number to an actual phone to make and receive calls.

While Google never commented on how they might use Gizmo5’s technology, TechCrunch is reporting that they confirmed that Google have now built a Google Voice desktop application to make and receive calls. From a user perspective, this will let Google Voice users take calls right from their desktop.

Additionally, Google is supposedly testing this application internally right now.  Which means we (the public) may seen it soon.  So keep an eye out.  This could potentially be a cross between Google Talk and Google Voice which would be pretty cool, especially since Google Talk development has been rather dormant for quite some time.

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