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Just as Apple’s annual WWDC conference will descend upon us before we know it, Google’s own I/O conference is also just around the corner, where we’re likely to hear about all kinds of new Android-based initiatives. A post on 9to5Google went to the trouble of sifting through the just-posted event schedule and sussed out some of the tastier tidbits we might see—including Android M, even.

android-lThe dissection links back to an earlier post, which offers up a description of the “Android for Work” session—though, to be completely honest, I don’t see it on the agenda, so it’s either been removed or I’m simply clueless on how to snoop around the schedule site. Anyway, it reads thusly:

“Android M is bringing the power of Android to all kinds of workplaces. This opens huge new markets for hundreds of millions of devices to workers at small business, deskless workers, logistics and warehousing jobs; all be empowered by adoption of Android devices at Work.”

While it may seem a little soon to jump straight from Android L to Android M so quickly, since Lollipop is still slowly rolling out to users, the change in letter may not necessarily signify a big OS change. Android L was a major update from what were relatively similar releases from Ice Cream Sandwich through Jelly Bean and KitKat—all of which were under the Android 4.0 numbering system.

Android L is Android 5—and Android M is likely to also stick within 5 since it’s still only got about ten percent Android adoption.

The 9to5Google post also says that we’ll have new wearable devices from Google ATAP, or the Advanced Technology and Projects team. ATAP is the Google division responsible for Project Ara and Project Tango, so new wearables might be really cool indeed. Additionally, expect to see information about “multi-screen Chromecast games,” and virtual reality.

I’m sold. I’ll be watching Google I/O in late May. Will you?

[Source: 9to5Google]

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