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We’re eight months into Destiny, and Xur is finally selling one of the most rare exotic weapons. Before you get your hopes up, no, it’s not Gjallarhorn. It’s something highly sought after, though — the mighty Thunderlord.

Destiny’s Xur is Selling Thunderlord

thunderlordThunderlord is a high-impact, high-accuracy machine gun that does nasty, nasty Arc damage. I’ve been watching the Destiny reddit page go crazy over the realization that this weapon is on sale, and that combined with having had one drop a few weeks back, I can endorse this gun as a “must have.” It’ll cost you 17 Strange Coins. If you have the funds, there’s nothing better you can buy this week.

Of course, you may have a lot of extra Coins, and you may already have a Thunderlord. In that case, you can pick up an armor piece for your Guardian. Titans have Ruin Wings gauntlets to look forward to this week. Hunters can pick up the ATS/8 ARACHNID helmet. And Warlocks have a shot at Obsidian Mind, which is a must have for Voidwalkers. I have the Obsidian Mind on my own Level 32 Warlock, and I approve of this helm. Armor pieces will run you 13 Strange Coins apiece.

What else can you nab this week? There are various weapon upgrades (which you might as well ignore at this point, as the House of Wolves upgrade system will likely take precedence), an Exotic Shard for 7 Strange Coins, and an Exotic Helmet engram for 23 Motes of Light.


In case you didn’t get the joke (which will never get old to me), the Winter’s Run strike is again the Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike. If you’d like good ole’ Askor to taste the rainbow, so to speak, here’s your shot — Arc, Void, and Solar burns are ALL active this week for the Nightfall, as is the Epic modifier. For the Weekly Heroic strike, you have Void burn to look forward to.

Interesting note about the Nightfall and Weekly Strikes when House of Wolves drops, and going forward. Bungie apparently realized that using the same strike for both activities made the week a little boring for Guardians. When we get the 1.2 patch — which will happen at the HoW launch — the two activities will no longer use the same strike. If you’ve tired of running the strike for Nightfall, and then running the exact same strike for the Weekly Heroic, consider this move your reprieve.

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