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Google just announced the latest monthly update to Google Glass.  The update adds a number of new features, including more Google Now cards, voice commands for third-party apps, and video player controls.

The latest update really boosts the Google Now functionality:

  • Restaurants, hotels, events – Be reminded of dinner reservations, hotel bookings, and concerts. You will see these reminders for places that sent you an email confirmation.
  • Movies – Find showtimes and movie information for nearby theaters.
  • Emergency alerts – Change your plans on the fly when severe thunderstorm or flash flood warnings are in effect.
  • Traffic – Get traffic conditions and alternate routes before you leave for work.
  • Weather – Know how to dress before stepping out the door.
  • Sports – See live scores for your favorite teams.

With voice commands you can now add voice commands from other services to the main menu.  The update introduces two new voice commands: “Post an update” (first supported by Path), and “Take a note” (first supported by Evernote). Updates and notes are just the beginning; soon you’ll be able to use your voice to trigger all sorts of services, according to the post.

In terms of the update to the video player, now when you’re watching your videos or video updates from CNN, you can tap to pause, play and swipe to fast forward or rewind, letting you skip to the moment you care most about.

These updates will be rolling out automatically to your Glass over the next couple days.  If you have already gotten the update let us know how you like it in the comments!

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