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Get ready for Google Glass 2!  Yep, that’s right — a new version of Google Glass is coming.  Google announced today that current owners of Google Glass, also known as “Glass Explorers,” will be eligible to “swap out” their existing Google Glass units for the new version with updated hardware starting in November.  Google has not yet said whether the trade-in program will have any additional fees, just that existing Explorers would have access to it.

As for Google Glass 2 or whatever Google ends up calling it, it will finally be compatible with people who already wear glasses via “future lines of shades and prescription frames.” The next version of Glass will also include a mono earbud, likely replacing the bone conduction speaker (that supposedly didn’t work all too well) in the current version. Still, Mono-only sound is a bit of a disappointment, as listening to music on Glass would be a very nice feature.  I’m also not sure how I feel about having to have an earbud in your ear all the time.

Lastly, Google said that Glass Explorers will get three invites to the Glass program to hand out to friends.  So keep checking your e-mail and make nice to your buddies with Glass.

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