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Google is planning on holding a special Chrome OS event at its headquarters in Mountain View, CA this coming Thursday. At the event, Google is going to give some technical background information as well as show off some demos. However, most notably, they are supposedly giving a complete overview of the new OS, which they say will launch next year.

Chrome OS which was introduced in early July has been a hot topic over the past several months as to what it means for Microsoft and the future of operating systems and the web.  It will definitely be interesting to see what Google has in store for Chrome OS and what their vision of an operating system actually is.  We always think of Google as a search and web based company, however, with the introduction of the Android mobile platform (and their recent partnership with Verizon) and now Chrome OS, Google is defining itself as a industry giant in various markets – web, mobile, and desktop.

If we’ve learned anything about the way Google approaches products over the past eleven years, it’s that they don’t rush things.  I mean, we’re still waiting for Google Chrome for Mac.  I’m expecting to see Chrome OS released early next year, especially if Google is planning on doing a complete overview of the operating system, you know they must be close.

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