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I know, I know.  We want our kids to play outside and read books and socialize, but sometimes it’s ok for them to kick back and have some fun on those gadgets (that moms and dads are already addicted to).  Here are some fun high-tech gift ideas for kids this holiday season that are arguably educational.


DigiTools:  If you already have an iPad2 or newer version, the new Crayola DigTools may be a gift to consider.  It combines all the fun of drawing and coloring with all the brightness and beauty of the tablet screen and no mess to clean up.   Use the 3D glasses and watch the images jump off the page.  All you need to buy is the $16 Crayola 3D DigiTools and download the free app.

B. Symphony in B. Orchestra:  If you are a fan of the B. Toys line at Target, you will probably love The Symphony in B Orchestra toy from B. Toys.  The activity center, which retails for $39.99, introduces your kiddo to a variety of woodwind, brass, and string instruments with adjustable volume (for your sanity). So far, the reviews are great.  I am definitely picking this one up for my three girls-maybe one of them will be the next Beethoven.

Tag Solar System Adventure Pack:  If you already have the Tag Reader and it’s sitting in a closet somewhere gathering dust, breathe some new life into it with the Solar System Adventure Pack.  Use the Tag reader to bring the map to life- your child can learn all about planets, constellations & more.   It teaches astronomy and earth sciences so you won’t feel bad handing your child this toy.  Retails for $19.99.

boogie board

Boogie Board:  My kids run through reams of papers in seconds with doodles and rainbows and you name it.  I love that they write and draw but I dislike constantly buying and throwing away scraps of paper.  If you want an alternative to the reams of paper, consider the Boogie Board LCD writing tablet– it lets them get creative without filling up the recycling bin.  Only $34.99 on

iPod Touch:  I am a huge fan of the iPod Touch.  It let’s your teen (or tween) download apps, listen to music and text, but you don’t have to pay a big phone bill.  Between the super fast processor, powerful camera, and gorgeous Retina display, not to mention our favorite girl Siri, the new iPod Touch, now available in a slewof bright colors, will make any teen squeal.  Retails for $299.

Did I miss something that you love this year?  Let me know!

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