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More highly paid IT career opportunities are now available globally thanks to this bright new training opportunity

FullStackCourses, which was founded by Avetis Ghukasyan, launched its programming training programs on January 12, 2020. It offers training for developers to work with both front-end and back-end of a website or application. This is great news for the job training and career skills market.

At the time of launch, FullStackCourses offered training in the following four programs:

1. Full access membership for a subscription of $6.99 per month or $58.72 per year (with 30% discount). Full access membership will give the learners full access to all the current training courses mentioned below. As several courses (up to 4) are added every year, the subscription price remains the same. This makes training as a full stack developer quite affordable.

2. C# and Object-Oriented Programming for Beginners (OOP): This program consists of 25 lessons in OOP and C# simultaneously for a once-off payment of $29.99. Payment will guarantee access to the course for ever.

3. SQL and SQL Servers for Beginners: This program consists of 42 lessons of academic and practical training in T-SQL and SQL Servers. This course is valuable because databases are the backbone of every business. Once off payment of $39.99 will guarantee access to the course for ever.

4. Software Development Mindset for Successful Career: This program consists of 25 lessons that teach learners how to cope with the challenges that they will face during training and when they start working and going up the ladder. There is a once-off payment of $19.99 that provides access to the course for ever.

We spoke to the founder of FullStackCourses, Avetis Ghukasyan about his training. Avetis holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology, and a graduate certificate in Web Technologies from Harvard University. He used to work as a software developer and now he works as a practicing full stack web developer.

Why full stack training?

These days, tech companies are looking more and more for full stack developers. Instead of employing front-end developers and back-end developers as separate people, they now prefer their software engineers and web developers to know about all aspects of development instead of just one side like front-end or back-end. You can read more about it in this article. Following this trend, we offer full stack courses to ensure that a developer’s career will be successful as they can fill any job in the coming years.

What motivated you to start your school?

Since 2015, I have been teaching people through my YouTube channel where I received millions of views and thousands of positive comments. In the process I learned that many people have an interest in full stack programming that matches the current demand for full stack programmers. That is why I decided to create higher-quality courses on a platform where learners can benefit from a community forum of other learners and experienced developers.

Do the trainers practice what they teach?

Yes, we are different from other courses in that our instructors, including the main one, are actively working in the programming field either within high-end companies or as consultants who deal with real-life problems. Our knowledge is fresh and relevant to current technological advances and it keeps evolving with technology.

What are the other advantages of taking your courses?

First, our prices are very low. Even a person who is struggling to find money to go to college can benefit a lot from the affordability of our courses. This is particularly true if they join the all-access membership in which they either pay the monthly subscription fee or the annual subscription fee which comes with a 30% discount. The subscription fees will not change even when more courses are being added later.

Secondly, learners will automatically become part of private forums where they can get 24/7 support from professional full stack developers who are actually developing for big high-tech companies or working as consultants. Such people are exposed to many challenges and interesting situations in their work and their experience is valuable to those who are still learning.

Thirdly, learners can discuss their topics and learning problems with other learners in the private forums by starting a discussion or responding to a discussion. The private forums are more friendly, unlike the hostile public forums.

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