Gamers tend to dedicate significant thought and effort to their gaming setups, and in some instances, even go to extraordinary measures. The increasingly competitive world of gaming often entails hours intensely spent in front of a screen. As a result, it’s not surprising that gamers have some of the most comfortable and impressive gaming setups — replete with modded executive chairs, high tech gadgets, and several screens.

Investing in gaming laptops and premier setups is more than just a hobby now. 

The world of eSports is exploding, and as more gamers enter the fold, gaming environments built for comfort that are conducive to gaining that small competitive edge should spark more creativity in constructing the ultimate gaming setup. 

And that’s precisely the area where Autonomous, the SmartDesk and modern office space company, is striving to make an impact. 

Gaming culture drives digital trends 

It’s no secret that gamers are deeply embedded into the development of technology trends, often driving cultural narratives with viral memes and the popularization of social media streaming platforms like Twitch. So when you introduce the idea of smart office furniture, it is naturally complementary to the type of edgy tech accessories gamers seek. 

Autonomous, who displays an entire section of products catering to gamers, believes that its state-of-the-art products like the SmartDesk 2 and Kinn Chair are a perfect fit for building the ultimate gaming setup. 

Autonomous’ claim to mainstream awareness is with its parallel rise to the preference of office workers for standing desks. Autonomous’ flagship product, the SmartDesk line, is an automated, adjustable desk for standing and sitting that has “smart” features like remembering height preferences of its users at various times of the day. 

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Autonomous’ products have already attracted the likes of high-profile tech companies like SpaceX, Tesla, and Dell. 

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But for gamers, its some of the more subtle features outside of standing desks that are the most appealing. 

For example, the SmartDesk Executive can hold up to 300 lbs and comes with a built-in tech panel for managing customizable desk preferences. It has enough size and support to please the most demanding gamers, such as those looking for 3-monitor, 2 CPU pro gaming setups.

The company even showcases some impressive gaming setups on its Instagram. 

Complemented by ergonomic executive chair designs such as MyoChair, complete with a footrest, and Kinn Chair, Autonomous’ best-selling chair, gamers can achieve that extended comfort level they require. 

They don’t have to worry about taking a break from their gaming environment or to fix damaged desk legs — both common, and in the case of damaged desk legs, expensive problems facing gamers. Autonomous even provides some information on mistakes not to make while crafting the premium setup for gaming needs.

Tech companies like Facebook and Google have pioneered much of the early modern office designs that have vast open spaces for their employees. However, the competition among gamers to have the best setups is the type of fragmented development that is driving much of the most significant advances in personal work environments. 

Many streamers, even non-Twitch gamers, are adopting the type of high-end environments that were formerly limited to gamers. 

Add in the notion that more people are working from home, and Autonomous’ advanced, low-cost desk and chair products are naturally appealing to both gamers and independent professionals alike. The type of lavish setups that were once strictly limited to major gaming tournaments like DOTA 2 are making their way into the mainstream, and Autonomous is positioning itself to capture that gradual rise in demand. 

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Humans were never meant to sit down in one place for an extended period (e.g., 8 – 12 hours), but gamers have found ways around that discomfort. Now, complemented by overdue innovation in office furniture, they can not only move between standing and sitting but towards a more productive and healthy gaming experience. 

With the difference between winning and losing often hinging on a few pixels and milliseconds, any ergonomic relief and productivity boost can make Autonomous gaming setups a worthwhile investment for gamers. 

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