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Datehookup and OK cupid users have a huge new opportunity coming their way. Those searching for a good new 100% free online dating site will be most impressed. There is a hot new free dating website in town and it’s called There is no dot com and it is simply known as “Free Date”. The website is located at www.Free.Date which is now the shortest url on the planet to browse singles. Free Date is a creation of Friends Date Network and they even have a 100% free dating pledge. 

This Could Be The Best Free Dating Site for 2020

Okc and pof are great free dating sites and there is no debating that. They are both large free dating sites and you can message singles free of cost.

However, as both of these free dating sites are instituting limits of what you can do without paying. This means more people are on the hunt for the best free dating sites that are really totally free.

Both okc and plentyoffish have changed a lot over recent years and now are less about free dating and more about driving income to the respective site owners.There are also very few free dating apps like Tinder or Bumble. That is set to change as Free.Date app is slated to launch to accompany their current totally free dating app. That said, their free dating site is responsive which means it works on both desktop and mobile. 

“Free Dating” Has Become a Marketing Ploy

I think that the feeling of frustration after being bombarded with premium upgrade invitations and hitting paywalls has to be something many other users of these so-called free dating sites share.Okc isn’t near as bad as plenty of fish has become, having more limited free dating options that okcupid.

Totally free dating seems to be fickle; here one day and gone the next. It seems with commercial success; once we all go out and tell our friends about these free dating sites they stop being free. They’ve made it and apparently feel like it’s time to start asking for credit cards.This makes them no different from premium dating sites like, Zoosk.

Lots of dating apps and singles websites advertise. “free dating sites no sign up” as well claim to be, “a 100% free online dating site”. The fact is most twist the truth and the only thing that is free is the ability to register. This marketing tactic has lead to a lack of trust with people when it comes to internet dating.

The only way totally free online dating sites can exist is by displaying advertising to offset operating costs. To do so they have to both invest heavily in creating a larger user database and maintain a lean operation to sustain their necessary technological growth. That is because as free dating sites grow, they face challenges of scaling to meet the demands of having tens of thousands of members online at once. It’s no small feat, but seems to be growing like a wild-fire.

People Like Singles Search Without Registration

Another aspect that makes Free.Date completely unique among 100 percent free dating sites is the fact they offer singles search without registration. Most of the best free dating sites now make you complete a profile before showing you local singles and allowing a complete search.

Free Dating Site Without Credit card

Hookup sites are everywhere these days but few really offer a 100% free online dating site experience. Datehookup was one of the last completely free dating sites and that site was shuttered in 2019. It seems maybe poised to be the best datehookup alternative.

Meanwhile, Facebook dating seems to have missed the mark in integrating free dating into the same place people use to talk with friends and family.  The takeaway being, right balance of transparency and access is what makes the best internet dating sites really catch fire.

Bottom line, it’s really rare to find a free dating site without credit card requirements. As more people are looking for a 100% free online dating site there are sure to be lots of new options in coming years.

In the meantime though Free.Date seems like the right site at the right time. Perhaps it is also a strong contender for one of the best free dating sites of 2020. Free.Date has totally open singles search without registration; like plenty of fish search as well, which makes it an interesting new free online dating option for those who want to see local singles before they commit to taking the time to register.

In conclusion, if we are collectively giving out our personal information we all deserve dating sites free! There sure to be other new free dating sites that follow this same open and free model in the future. We can’t wait!

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