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Gett, formerly known as GetTaxi, today is announcing that it is introducing a brand new feature into its app: the ability to book future rides.  We first covered Gett’s launch back in early August when its “G-Cars” rolled into New York City.  Other companies in this space such as Uber are more limited when it comes to the ability to book a ride, allowing customers to only request a pickup at that current point in time and charging more for certain types of vehicles.

Instead of building its own fleet, Gett partners with premier local fleets and provides them with access to the company’s technology.  The introduction of the future booking feature makes Gett’s offering more in-line with traditional car services.  Another great benefit to booking in advance with Gett is that you can can request a SUV or car seats/booster seats at no extra charge.

In terms of pricing, Gett is pretty competitive.  The service is a flat rate between destinations no matter how long you sit in traffic (as is the case with most car services).  If you are traveling during rush hour, there is a single additional charge of $5.  One nice thing about Gett is that you know how much it will cost before setting foot in the car, you put in where you want to go and the app will calculate the cost and from there you can decide whether or not you want to arrange for a pickup.

Gett also has a complete business offering that is currently available in the UK, Russia, and Israel, and will also be available in New York City in the coming months.  The business solution includes centralized booking for immediate orders and future bookings, billing, automatic payment, analytics, and 24/7 customer support.

Future bookings is a great addition to Gett, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more taxi apps offering this soon.  If you are in NYC definitely download the app, it works on both iPhone and Android.

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