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Alcohol use rose from 65 percent to 73 percent of the adult population in the United States as of 2017 — an 11 percent increase. But who are we kidding? No one familiar with American drinking culture really needs statistical confirmation that people in the U.S. enjoy sipping a cold one (or a few) during happy hour or a night on the town. The only issue is that, after college, most people start full-time jobs. Arriving to work half an hour late with a throbbing headache and bags under your eyes is far from ideal.

With CUUR, Vital Technologies ventures to solve that problem. An anti-inflammatory, antiviral biohack of alcohol, CUUR is optimized for consumption an hour after the consumer’s last alcoholic beverage. Equipped with Aspirin and five other plant-based ingredients, the vegan-friendly solution targets symptoms, such as headaches and dizziness, before they act up.

CUUR’s delivery method sets it apart from other solutions that have been tried in the past. Vital is, first and foremost, a technology company. The tech behind CUUR is the secret recipe  behind its success.  

CUUR breaks down the harsh-tasting ingredients that would otherwise have to be swallowed in the form of about 50 pills, and instead delivers them in a tasty, orange-flavored beverage. Vital’s taste-isolation mechanism ensures the consumer doesn’t taste the foul flavor of the ingredients, effectively combining ultra-potency with a pleasant consumption experience. 

“Botanicals, vitamins, and minerals are mostly foul-tasting,” says Vital Technologies CEO Amir Barzilay. “That’s why most of the supplements folks are familiar with come in capsules. The problem is an effective formulation to combat the symptoms that follow alcohol consumption in many adults would require dozens of pills in one sitting. Our solution gives all this to you in one single, tasty beverage.”

Vital considers CUUR as a pharma-class solution. Now, whether it performs as such — or perhaps even better — remains to be seen. Vital is not, though, a pharmaceutical company, nor does it label itself as such. There have been other products that have attempted to tackle the issue of hangovers in the past. The difference, again, is in delivery, and Vital’s CUUR offers more potency than pills. 

Founded in 2015, Vital Technologies is a biotech company that develops and markets fast-acting, pharma-class recovery beverage products for or healthy individuals who undergo daily transient physiological and cognitive stress episodes. CUUR is only the company’s first product — you can expect other biohacks from Vital in the future.

CUUR is the outcome of over nine years of scientific and pharmaceutical R&D work, according to Vital, complemented by 27 human trials in which thousands of experimentation sessions were conducted. 

Such biohacks have the potential to improve human lives. Starting with eliminating the symptoms associated with alcohol consumption is an excellent start — just ask your local college’s fraternity brothers. 

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