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Graph Search, the enhanced searching functionality that Facebook introduced to all members of their social network this summer, has just been updated to include support for finding individual posts and statuses, including check-ins, photo captions, comments, and shared links and posts. The new features augments Graph Search’s existing functionality, which allows users to find more relevant information using complex and specific queries.

For example, let’s say you want to find out what your friends had to say about the Breaking Bad finale last night. Simply write “Posts about Breaking Bad” into the search box and you’ll be presented with a real time list in descending order. Or, if you’d like, you can go back in time and see what your friends thought about last week’s episode by searching for “Posts about Breaking Bad made last week”, which will only show posts made a week ago.

You can also specify the exact type of post you’re looking for with queries such as “Photo captions about Prom” or even target individual people (including yourself) with queries like “Victoria’s posts about iPhone” to round things out. The new functionality is an excellent way that Facebook is leveraging their sophisticated Graph Search technology to create a smarter, quicker, more powerful search engine relevant to you.

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