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It appears Facebook is attempting to cover its bases when it comes to a particular user owning a username on the social networking site.  I discovered this after playing around with usernames on the site a bit.  What it seems like based on my “experimenting” is that once you choose a username – you own that username more than you may realize.

What exactly am I talking about anyway?  Well, if you remember when you went to register your username Facebook gave you a few options (see image below) on what you could actually select (or you could make your own).


I assumed that if I picked “jeffweisbein” that I didn’t also get “jeff.weisbein“, but, that appears not to be the case as you can see if you click the links.  It appears I also own multiple variations of the name such as, this, this, this, and many others.  It is limited however, you do not own lets say, “jeffweisbein19” or anything like “jeff&weisbein” – it seems to be strictly limited to just periods which makes sense if you think about it.

I can only assume this is to avoid more username problems and future disputes between two or more users.

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