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Any photographer or influencer posting photos on Instagram knows that the Instagram platform has quality standards and that indeed only quality photos will attract attention. The angles may be perfect and the photographer may be happy with the composition of each photo. However, that is only half the job; the other half is editing the photos to bring out the best elements of each one. Photographers tend to shoot a lot of pictures but they normally don’t have enough time to edit hundreds of photos in each batch. That is why they need tools that save them time in the editing process and one such tool is Lightroom presets.

What are Lightroom presets?

One of the factors that made Lightroom very popular with professional and amateur photographers is the ability to create and import develop presets.

A develop preset (mostly called preset) is a saved combination of sliders used to get the desired photo effect. A photographer can basically create her own preset by editing one photo to her liking in terms of contrast, exposure, highlights, shadows, color grading and clarity. Once the sliders are set in the way she likes, she can save the combination of slider positions for use on the rest of the photos in a particular batch, or future batches, to achieve the same look. This is how the term “preset” developed.

Alternatively, the photographer can use a shortcut to speed up her photo editing workflow and Parker Arrow Presets can be the answer. Parker Arrow Presets are basically photography filters that give an image a desired look. They can help photographers to perform edits and create certain effects with one click. Using presets is an excellent way to apply the same edits repetitively and fast in routine editing tasks.

Parker Arrow Presets can be imported into the Adobe App “Lightroom”. These photography presets make it easy to achieve a certain style of editing and also create nice consistent color palettes among all pictures. The presets are loved by influencers, Instagramers and professionals alike as they provide fast results.

Benefits of using Lightroom Presets


1. Easy and fast editing

Presets enable a photographer to bulk edit a batch of similar photos all at once. Just one click will move all the sliders to those exact positions so that the edit style remains the same. It is that automated, simple, streamlined and fast. No more spending hours editing for Instagram which is an unpaid gig.

2. Theme consistency

Individually edited photos in a batch lack consistency. By adding a preset to all the photos, and customizing where necessary, the photographer ends up with a consistent tonal theme and style in all images.

3. Variety of available styles

Images in a batch look great when the theme is consistent, but variety is also good. In a pack of presets, the photographer can find alternative lighting, different times of the day and different types of scenery.

4. Customizable

After applying the preset to all the photos in a batch, it will look slightly different on each image. The photographer can edit the photo afterwards and can use the brush tool in Lightroom to edit specific areas on certain images. Basically, presets can be used to customize the images or to experiment with different looks for the same images.

5. Great way to start with editing

Learning to edit a picture is by far not an easy thing to do but with Lightroom presets the work is already done for you. On top of that you see which sliders effect the image. You can then add your personal touch to it and at the same time you lern the core elements of the editing process. Considering the way presets improve images and save time, people probably expect them to be expensive but they are actually very affordable. Most   Preset Stores offer packs with a a lot different presets so that you can start experimenting right away.

The good news is that Parker Arrow helps you to quickly get the best lightroom mobile presets for all photography looks that are popular right now. Although the presets are available for mobile and desktop as well, most people use them on their smartphones which enable professional editing while on the go.

Common uses of presets

Develop presets in Lightroom are used by beginners, Instagram users, professional photographers and graphic designers.

Presets provide beginners with a place to begin and practice editing till they can edit on their own. Presets particularly help Instagram users to fine-tune the “look” of their feed, which is very important if they happen to be influencers. It is crucial for influencers to be recognized by the unique style and color of their photos and that makes presets important for them. Professional photographers know how to edit but when the work piles up and they can’t cope, using a predetermined preset and making small adjustments later saves them loads of time. Graphic designers who shoot their own photos for use in designs also use presets to adjust the photos to speed up the design process.

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