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Discover how to automatically extract chords from your favorite songs with Chordify.

Ever wanted to play the Bohemian Rhapsody, one of the most popular chords of all time, and never managed to or never had time for music lessons? Many people have old-time favorite bands and musicians and always wished they could play like them. Anyone who wants to learn how to play the perfect chords for Bohemian Rhapsody, or any new or old song can now get a lot of help from Chordify.

Chordify is a company in Groningen that teaches music online. It was started by music enthusiasts for other music enthusiasts. The company’s aim is to make high-tech music technology accessible to a wider audience. Their website has become the number one platform for chords, where musicians of all levels can learn to play the music that they love. The company is getting a lot of international praise for their music service.

The Chordify interface is simple, and anyone who can hold a musical instrument such as a guitar, piano or ukulele should be able to use it. Behind the simple interface is modern but complex technology. The service consists of an AI-driven music player bot whose algorithm automatically recognizes the chords of any song played on it. Using deep learning and neural networks, Chordify automatically changes any piece of music into chords. It has an in-built player for piano, guitar and ukulele.

Learning to play musical instruments has never been easier. Chordify turns any song or music from MP3, SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer, iTunes or any files on the computer into chords. As the track plays, the system shows the user which chord to play, and when to play it, and the user can play along.

Chordify features

Any person who starts using Chordify will gain immediate access to the following free features:

  • Precise chords for any song
  • A personal library and curated content
  • Lively views for piano, guitar and ukulele
  • All-in-one integration with SoundCloud and YouTube
  • Access to Chordify’s 4,500,000 song catalog, and many other songs
  • Cross-platform library integration (desktop, mobile)

Premium subscription

Musicians and music students can subscribe to Chordify premium monthly or annually, and paying an annual lump sum gives a huge discount, 75% to be exact. On Premium subscription they gain access to the following extra features and services:

  • Ability to import and chordify their own music files
  • Ability to transpose the chords if they want to play in a different key
  • Experiment with the capo feature and play their chordified songs much easier
  • Slow down songs in order to continue following
  • Loop complicated parts to play well like a professional and have fun
  • Access the offline mode for when they don’t have access to the internet
  • Download the chords from their favorite songs as a MIDI file for easy audio editing

In addition to the features mentioned above, premium membership enables users to use the service on iOS, web and Android so they can learn to play instruments wherever they are. They can have unlimited chord playback for any song, they can upload their own songs and chordify any of them on the web. They can also print the calculated music chords as they see them on the screen and save them as PDF for use anytime anywhere. As long as the subscription is valid, users can have access to all premium features. The only limitation is the maximum song duration of 20 minutes.

Referral program

Chordify has a referral program in which subscribers can invite their friends/family to join and, in return, they get up to 50% discount on their subscriptions.

Now anyone can play music

Chordify makes those old dreams of playing music come true. Anyone who ever wanted to play music like Queen or dreamt of playing like Jimi Hendrix can now learn how to do it with Chordify. The Bohemian Rhapsody and many other songs will soon be at their fingertips. There is no limit to what they can learn to play. Anyone can be a musician.

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