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Dropbox is an excellent service that allows you to sync and share files with extreme ease.  Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space upon signing up, which can be bumped up to a total of 5GB of free space depending on how many other people you invite (and that actually sign up and install the software).  The Dropbox software works on both Windows and Mac and they even have an iPhone app that will allow you to access your files on the go.

The service also offers a premium version which allows you to have additional space.  They currently offer two plans – 50GB for $10/month and 100GB for $20/month.  I personally use the free version myself, but if you want to use Dropbox as a place to backup your files (music, documents, pictures, videos, etc) it may be worth investing in the premium accounts which have larger capacities.

What I really like about Dropbox is how easy and simple it is to sync files on multiple computers.  All you need to do is install the software on each machine you want to have access to your Dropbox account, login, and you’re set.  Once you have done that you have access to all files in your Dropbox.  This comes in very handy for me when I’m going back and forth between school and home and I want to make sure I have the latest assignments, papers, and notes with me at all times.  Of course you can use (free or paid) syncing software but I have found that to be confusing and have accidentally overwritten files by mistake before due to poorly designed user interface options.  To me, Dropbox is extremely intuitive – it’s essentially drop n drop.

Another nice feature of Dropbox is that you can easily share files with other Dropbox users by simply inviting them to a specific folder in your Dropbox.  This is great if you are working on a group project and need to allow multiple people to access specific files at once.  Additionally, Dropbox will notify you in realtime when someone makes a creates, deletes, or modifies a file so you always know what’s going on.  The Dropbox web-based control panel will also allow you to track recent activity in your Dropbox and even details the exact files created, deleted, or modified.

The web-based control panel is also another way you can access your files.  It provides the same functionality as the application does on your desktop.  Overall, Dropbox is a solid service which I highly recommend you check out.

Have you used Dropbox?  Did you just sign up?  Leave a comment with your thoughts on the service!

Update: Keaton informed us that if you are a student you can receive extra space for free (up to 16GB by referrals).  All you need to do is verify you are a student by entering your .edu email and clicking the confirmation link sent to you.

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