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Apple recently released their latest attempt at a computer mouse and it’s no longer mighty, but rather, it’s magic.  The new Apple wireless mouse is known as the Magic Mouse and it is definitely much improved from its predecessor the Mighty Mouse which was just terrible.  I purchased the Mighty Mouse this past summer along with an Apple Wireless Keyboard (which I love) but after only a few weeks I dropped my Mighty Mouse and returned to my ever beloved Logitech MX Revolution.  I’m thinking (hoping) this time will be different with the Magic Mouse.

The Mighty Mouse was notorious for its problematic scroll ball which would constantly fill up with dust and other artifacts causing the mouse to stop scrolling.  I experienced this one too many times and that is when I called it quits with the Mighty Mouse.  The Magic Mouse on the other hand is completely touch based, it doesn’t have any buttons (go figure, it’s an Apple product) nor does it have a scroll wheel.  Instead it recognizes your hand gestures such as the motion of scrolling (vertically or horizontally) and clicking (including right click).

Overall, the mouse is very sleek and it works well – it does what it’s intended to do.  It runs on two AA batteries – battery life is pretty decent even for me who is probably on the computer a bit more than most people.  The Magic Mouse requires you install additional Apple software which enable the options in System Preferences.  I’m sure in future versions of OSX it will be installed by default.

The only thing that I dislike about the Magic Mouse is the height of the mouse – it has a very low profile so it feels like your hand is actually scooting across your desk.  It takes a bit of getting used to.  It took me a few days to finally feel completely comfortable using the mouse.  But then again, I was used to my MX Revolution which has a very high profile.

Have you tried out the Magic Mouse?  What do you think of it?  Leave a comment!

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