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In a post on the Mailbox blog, the company has announced it has been acquired by Dropbox reportedly for somewhere around $100 million in cash and stock.  The company says they’re joining Dropbox in order to scale faster.

“Enter Dropbox, the team from San Francisco who helps over 100M people bring their photos, docs, and videos with them anywhere. They’re a profoundly talented bunch who build great tools that make work frictionless, and Mailbox fits Dropbox’s mission like a glove. Plus, they’ve got a ton of experience scaling services and are experts at handling people’s data with care. In short, Dropbox is our kind of company.”

The company notes that even though they’re joining forces with Dropbox, the Mailbox app will continue to exist as a separate app and hints at new Mailbox integrations with Dropbox.  And aside from keeping Mailbox running as a separate application, Drew Houston, CEO and Co-founder of Dropbox, told the WSJ that Dropbox plans to use Mailbox’s technology to improve its own features, including handling email attachments.

Additionally, the post notes that the app has grown enormously since its launch, delivering over 60 million emails every day.  You can also find a post on the Dropbox Blog welcoming the Mailbox team to the company.

If you haven’t already checked out Mailbox, definitely read our full Mailbox review.

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