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We’ve certainly seen our fair share of the “budget” iPhone 5C at this point, but never quite like this. According to popular French blog NoWhereElse (and confirmed by some smart detective work by Engadget), that photo you’re looking at above depicts dozens of assembled, working iPhone 5Cs undergoing testing at Foxconn’s quality control labs in China.

To confirm that the photo is indeed legitimate, Engadget found that the true source of the image is none other than Sina Weibo, a popular Chinese social network. The user that originally posted the photo lists Pegatron Shanghai as their employer, where the iPhone 5C has reportedly been assembled according to various prior reports.

The iPhone 5C is expected to be launched alongside Apple’s upcoming flagship iPhone, the iPhone 5S, and iOS 7 at an all-but-confirmed September 10th special event. Both new lines of iPhones are expected to launch in various colors, with the iPhone 5C reportedly being produced in some pretty vibrant colors and the iPhone 5S’s new gold option having been caught on camera numerous times now.

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