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Digsby the multi-protocol IM client which allows you to connect to various instant messenger platforms such as AIM, Yahoo, and MSN, email services such as Gmail, as well as a number of social networking services such as Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace has passed the 1 million user mark.  According to the press release from Digsby they have over 1 million users and over 3 million managed accounts.

dotSyntax (the company behind Digsby) is calling Digsby a “360º communication tool, designed to facilitate online conversations across all mediums with an intuitive interface and feature-rich options. With the ability to communicate via email, two-way text messaging, IM, Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, and audio/video chat, Digsby eliminates the need to have several browser windows and programs open.”

“We built Digsby to simplify people’s lives so they can focus less on signing in and more on staying connected,” said Steve Shapiro, president of dotSyntax, “Our rapid growth shows the utility people find in Digsby and why it’s become the preferred platform for high efficiency digital communication.”

Congrats to the Digsby team for all of their hard work.  I can’t wait for the Mac version myself.

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