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Today, Digg launched their new dupe detection system.  However, there is one slight problem – it doesn’t seem to be working.  As you can see in the screen shot below there are two stories on the Digg front page covering the exact same topic – the new dupe detection system.  Ironic isn’t it?


So is it really working? Are the kinks fully worked out? Apparently not. The first story listed (which isn’t from the Digg blog itself) was submitted approximately 8 minutes before the Digg blog article but did not hit the front page first. Is Digg just playing favorites here or is the system not working?

As the Digg blog points out similar story covered on different sites can also be considered duplicates.

“Another common type of duplicate is the same (or similar) story covered on different sites. Because this enters more subjective territory, we focused on doing a better job at detecting dupes with similar descriptive information. By leveraging Digg’s improved search technology, released a couple months back, we now match stories with similar titles and descriptions with much higher accuracy than before.”

That is exactly the type of duplicate we are seeing in the above screen shot. So, Digg, did you fix it or not?

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