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Still looking for that Gjallarhorn? Xur won’t quite be the Santa Claus of Destiny, this week. In fact, the exotic weapon he’s selling today is one he sold less than a month ago. Don’t worry — he has some other goods worth checking out.

Where is Xur?

Head down the Tower’s central stairs toward the Hall of Guardians. Xur is on the left wall, standing just to the left of Crucible Quartermaster Arcite 99-40.


What’s Xur Selling This Week?

In the armor category, which will cost you 13 Strange Coins, Xur has the following goods:

As far as the week’s exotic weapon (17 Strange Coins) goes, Xur is again selling our old friend, the Mida Multi-Tool. If you’re a fan of scout rifles (I’m a hand cannon guy, myself), it’s worth checking out. If you’re collecting exotic weapons, by all means, buy.


Per the usual, Xur brought an Exotic Shard, and it’ll cost you 7 Strange Coins. And it’s now been multiple weeks in a row that Xur has sold Heavy Ammo Synthesis, leading me to believe that Bungie has made it a permanent part of his inventory in Destiny.

Nightfall & Weekly Strikes


Are you ready to be scared to death by that phrase, which is inexplicably louder than any other sound in Destiny? If so, you’re ready for this week’s Nightfall and Weekly Heroic Strike, Winter’s Run. Travel through Venus on a quest to stop the Fallen House of Winter from restoring the soul of an Archon Priest, Aksor. The week’s modifiers for the Nightfall are Arc Burn, Solar Burn, Void Burn, and Epic. The single modifier for the Weekly Heroic is Void Burn.

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