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4K monitors, televisions, and content may be all the rage at CES this year, but Dell could very well have jump one upped absolutely everyone else with today’s announcement of their new 28-inch 4K monitor that will retail for $699. Known as the P2815Q, Dell’s new monitor packs a full 3840 x 2160 4K resolution into an IPS LED panel – perfect for that new Mac Pro of yours. Dell is promising that this new monitor will offer customers the “same performance” as the company’s slightly older 4K displays at a much lower price point (the 32-inch UltraSharp 32, for example, costs a whopping $3,499.99) making this one of the most affordable 4K displays out there at any quality point.

Dell is remaining tight lipped on the monitor’s finer specifications, such as refresh rate and available inputs, however we should know more on that front as the monitor nears closer to release. Dell isn’t commenting on when we should see the P2815Q become available to purchase, however we’d assume it’ll come sooner rather than later. I will say this, however – if you’re dying to try Netflix’s just announced 4K Instant Streaming service, this might be your most affordable option… given you have an ISP that is willing to support the new high bandwidth video.

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