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As the weather gets warmer, the tech gets cooler because we’re outdoors, having a blast and going places again. Whether you’re most excited about hitting the pool, grilling up a storm or getting the heck out of dodge for some much-needed R&R, there’s so much amazing tech that can enhance your summer fun. Here’s just a handful of the summer gadgets you should look into grabbing as the temperatures rise.

A Smart Fan

The plastic Symphony and the wooden Signal from the newly minted Hunter Smart Fans line work with Apple’s HomeKit automation system and HomeKit-enabled thermostats to keep your home cool and comfy, effortlessly. One of these smart fans, coupled with the right system, can also keep your air conditioning costs down.

A Waterproof Speaker


The UE Boom 2 waterproof wireless speaker packs a lot of bass-y punch into a totally portable package that now includes full waterproofing. What does full mean? It comes with an IPX7 waterproof rating, which means it can be submerged in one meter of water for 30 minutes.

A Better Smartphone


Summertime is a great time to upgrade your smartphone because you’re going to want to stay connected on the go and take amazing pics on the fly. The LG G5 sports the best mobile processor from Snapdragon so the display is banging but that’s not all. Its modular capabilities include add-ons like the LG Cam Plus, an enlarged camera grip with extra battery power, a physical shutter button, a dedicated video recording key and a finger-friendly jog dial to control the zoom.

A Camera that Swims

Sony’s TX30 waterproof camera can be dunked to up to 33 feet but still comes with 5x optical zoom and SteadyShot, which makes it one of the best cameras to take to the beach – or on your next scuba diving expedition.

A Weather Predicting Umbrella


Freak summertime showers aren’t so freaky when you have an oombrella, the smart umbrella that lets you know when it’s going to rain and then reminds you not to leave it behind. As smart tech goes, oombrella (which debuted at CES) is still a novelty but you may find it’s the kind of simple tech you eventually don’t know how you ever lived without it.

A Roomba for Your Grill


Dirty grills are a thing of the past when you grab a Grillbot, a helper robot designed just to get your grill squeaky clean. A rechargeable battery keeps three motors (outfitted with three replaceable metal brushes) going and an LCD alarm lets you know when the dirty work is done.

A Lifetracker Sans Bracelet

Lumo Run shorts and capris are wearables that you have to wear anyway. All of Lumo’s offerings feature embedded trackers that collect fitness data and port it to an app that includes virtual coaching.

A Cooler Cooler

Solar Cool‘s powerful cooler is more than just a receptacle for crushed ice – it can keep drinks frosty for up to 18 hours and also charge your phone. The built-in refrigeration system runs entirely on the sun’s energy, potentially offsetting about 5,00 pounds of carbon dioxide. Check out to read reviews on some of the coolers available in the market.

Can tech make summer excursions more exciting and family trips less stressful? Possibly. It’s up to you to bring the adventurous spirit and the cold beer, but from there the gadgets above can turn a good day at the beach into a great one.

The urge to disconnect from tech is certainly strong when you’re out on the boat or going hiking, but maybe all it takes is turning off Facebook notifications – why give up a good thing entirely?

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