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In the past I have always recommended VPS’s (Virtual Private Servers) for users who outgrew shared web hosting and needed the control and flexibility of a dedicated server without the overhead or expense.  With a VPS server you have complete and total “root” access, and are able to configure web, database, and application services to fit your needs; whatever they may be.

Recently we came across ChunkHost – a new VPS server provider that is currently in the process of beta testing a line Xen virtual servers.  As part of this beta debut ChunkHost is allowing users to provision a VPS server in the Los Angeles region, complete with 512mb of RAM, 20gb of disk space, and 600gb of monthly transfer for free.

According to the FAQ, members who sign up for the free beta will be able to use their VPS server for free for “[a]t least 5 weeks”, however they also mention that the free beta may be extended “depending on capacity.”  After your free beta period is up, you will receive an email asking you to rate your experience and will ultimately have the option to retain your service by becoming a paying customer at very competitive rate.  However, by default your server will simply be canceled and you will not be charged anything whatsoever.

So, if you’re in the market for a VPS server, this is defensibly a good option to look at.  Even if you’ve never touched a Linux shell in your life, this offer will give you the option to get your hands dirty and experience working with a VPS without any risk or obligation.  While a credit card is needed, the FAQ states that it is only used to validate your identity, and that you will not be charged anything unless you opt to continue service after your beta has expired.

Personally, I think that this promotion speaks wonders for ChunkHost’s faith in their product and service simply because they are confident that users will be more inclined to pay for their services after witnessing the stability and reliability first-hand.  With all of the fly-by-night VPS providers out there, ChunkHost looks to be a very humble and trustworthy provider.

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