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If you use a lot of social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, etc) and sites that utilize notifications such as Quora, Github, and Stackoverflow then this Google Chrome extension is exactly what you need.  It’s called Chime.  Chime is an extension developed exclusively for Google Chrome and not only is it very cool but it’s also very useful.

Once Chime is installed it recognizes of the sites the app supports which ones you’re currently logged into, making it super easy to setup.  After you select the sites you would like Chime to provide notifications for, Chime sits in Google Chrome and will notify you when you receive a new notification, it can even show desktop notifications if you would like.  Simply clicking on a notification will take you straight to it — it couldn’t be easier.

Chime is a great way to consolidate all your web notifications into one place making it easy to keep track of everything.  And another great thing about Chime is that none of the data that you see (e.g. the notifications) pass through Chime’s servers, everything happens locally on your computer so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues either.

Right now, Chime has support for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Gmail, Foursquare, Reddit, Github, Stackoverflow, Quora, and hold on while I catch my breath, Flickr.  Plus, the team is working on adding support for even more sites in the future.

Chime for Chrome is completely free and ad-free (for now).  It’s worth noting that the Chime team may have an ad supported app in the future.

If you have a feature idea, the Chime team is open to feedback and they encourage people to drop them a line with any ideas or feedback.  Just email them at

Have you tried Chime for Chrome?  What do you think?

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