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Twitter’s mobile apps — including those on iOS, Android and the mobile Web — will be getting an update in the form of a new-and-improved Twitter Search function. The new search will still help you find tweets, but will also mix in trending topics and relevant users, which you can follow right from the search results stream.

In addition to the search face lift, you’ll also be able to search from anywhere within the Twitter app, instead of having to open the “Discover” tab. A magnifying glass icon will be located next to the “compose tweet” icon in the top-right corner of the screen. If you’re a user of the Android and iPad versions of the Twitter app, this won’t be a change, but iPhone users will now be able to take advantage of search no matter where they are in the app.

Other changes include “Interactions” being set as the default for the “Connect” tab, and links in tweets that are able to be tapped without having to open the tweet in a separate window.

You can read more about the Twitter Search update on the Twitter blog.


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