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Chat Heads will be coming to the iOS Facebook app this week.  According to the Facebook Home team, the Chat Heads implementation in the Facebook iOS app will have to live exclusively within the app itself because of limitations placed on how developers can access iOS.  The announcement came today on stage at the AllThingsD Dive Into Mobile Event.

Due to the access limitations in iOS, the Chat Head bubbles will only appear in the Facebook app.  This means that you will be able to move in and out of conversations while browsing profiles, your news feed, pages, and events.  While it’s definitely an improvement from the current messaging system in the Facebook app, it stills leaves a lot to be desired for those who were hoping for a more “Facebook Home”-like experience.

We’ll keep you up-to-date and let you know once the update hits the App Store.

Update: You can now download Facebook 6.0 from the App Store (it includes Chat Heads). Check out some screenshots below.




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