3 tips to write case studies that convert

Case studies can be very useful for businesses, in particular for those who are operating in the B2B segment. An excellent case study can get many natural backlinks which improve the search engine ranking of the website. However, it is mostly used to generate leads and convince prospects to buy offerings. If you are proud … [Read more...]

The under used benefits of cloud ERP software

Many business owners understand the enterprise resource planning (ERP) software as a necessary, albeit boring, part of their daily operations. But in reality, ERP can be very exciting when you realize how it can improve every level of your enterprise. Below are a few under used and under appreciated benefits of cloud ERP … [Read more...]

How to utilize an app to grow your business

The arrival of the internet and social media has revolutionized the way we do marketing. It has made the entire process less costly and more effortless. This is part of the reason why so many people in the UK, especially those starting a small business, prefer marketing their business on their own. Today, business owners … [Read more...]

How to reach your target audience more effectively

The most important person a company should focus on is the customer as they are the backbone of any business. Therefore, meeting their needs, wants and desires is your main goal. Your customer or your target audience is the group of people you want to get your product or service in front of as much as possible. See how to … [Read more...]

How software can help your business save time and money

With so many unique selling points and niche audiences for businesses today, it can be hard to keep track of the latest trends. Likewise, rapid advancements in technology continue to fuel a climate of automation and efficiency that largely transcend the limits of manual labor and human brainpower. As businesses continue to … [Read more...]

How to use a blog as a lead magnet for your business

In order for a blog to generate leads, it must be built specifically with that purpose in mind. There are different strategies and approaches when it comes to generating a lead magnet out of your blog, and we’re going to discuss them throughout this post. Let’s first be clear about what a lead magnet is and does. As a … [Read more...]

4 apps that will help grow your business faster

A multi-national corporation with over a 100 million consumers and earning more than $1 billion in revenue said words that every entrepreneur should take to heart: “We are not afraid of building products that may fail – we're more afraid of missing opportunities by not trying”. That is the kind of risk taking attitude … [Read more...]

7 tips to be successful at content marketing

Business blogging, or content marketing is an extremely accessible industry to enter and if you've got the skills and willpower, like many, you can make yourself a career from it. There are countless articles and eBooks online showing you how to become a content blogger and how to get started but so many people ask, once … [Read more...]

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