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Google Glass may be still in the “explorer” stage, limited strictly to only those who Google deems worthy enough to get one of the early pre-production ready units. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t doing some pretty incredible things with it. Take Livestream for example, a popular online video broadcasting service that allows users to stream video to the general public. Livestream has come up with an unofficial (meaning not approved by Google) Glass application that allows users to broadcast in real time video from the camera integrated in every Google Glass unit through Livestream.

Because it’s unofficial, you’ll need to side load Livestream’s Glass APK from your computer. From there, you can launch Livestream from your Glass headset by saying “Ok Glass, Livestream.” From there, you can even read comments made on your video and reply to them using Glass’s built in voice recognition; a handy bit of new functionality. All you really need is to have your Glass tethering via Bluetooth to a device with 3G/LTE data if you’re going to be outside the scope of Wi-Fi.

Unfortunately, as it stands right now Google is unlikely to tolerate this set of application on Glass for long: Google has some strict guidelines on how developers can use Glass’s hardware, and Google itself limits its video recording software to just 10 seconds at a time for privacy concerns. Still, this is an impressive example of how developers can use Glass in an innovative, useful way.

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