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Gary Oldman (or Commissioner Gordon for all you Batman fans out there) is the star of HTC’s latest ad for its brand new HTC One M8 (see below).  The new ad is bold and provocative, it doesn’t use any fancy marketing lingo or list out features and specifications — nope, it doesn’t do any of that.  Oldman starts out by saying, “I could tell you how amazing the all new HTC One is…but I won’t.”  He then dares viewers to do something they would likely do anyway if they were interested in purchasing the new HTC One: ask the Internet.

To me, this signals strong confidence from HTC in its product and frankly HTC has nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point.  The company just announced a loss of $62 million in its most recent quarter.  This type of advertising can work extremely well when you’re the underdog.

After all, we all ask the Internet when we are interested in purchasing a new product. Everyone looks for product reviews online to help us determine whether or not we will actually make the purchase.  And so far, HTC’s confidence has been validated, the HTC One M8 has received many positive reviews from several reviewers.  We were even impressed with the smartphone with our initial hands-on.

So will the campaign work? The last HTC campaign didn’t, remember the one that featured Robert Downey Jr? Obviously, you can’t predict the future, but I do like this campaign a bit better and honestly if I was going to buy an Android phone right now… it would be the HTC One M8.

What do you think?

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