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It’s been a while since Blu-Ray became the victor over HD-DVD.  The battle was tough, but most people agree that since Blu-Ray is the superior format, it deserves the spoils.  But Sony is still waiting on those spoils. reports that “consumers are still wary due to the battle with HD-DVD, and frankly, many are still content with DVD. In too many cases, upscaled DVD looks “good enough” for consumers, and only those with oodles of disposable income are willing to fork out for Blu-ray […] it’s tough for many to start building another movie library on another format.”  The article also claims that, oddly enough, “11% of Americans own an HD-DVD player, while just 7% own a Blu-ray player.”

It’s true, Blu-Ray players aren’t cheap, and the movies are no bargain either.  In fact, most people that own a Blu-Ray player have it through their Playstation 3.  We also know that PS3 sales aren’t great either.  One commenter on said:

“Sony blew it the same way with the BetaMax video format years ago. They didn’t license the technology to other companies who would have sold it cheaper to the public, resulting is the VHS format wiping the floor with them,…….*HINT*-The BetaMax format was far superior to VHS but that didn’t matter then as it doesn’t matter now. But the SONY blinders are still on. They want to make a killing on us no matter what the consequences. The players are way too expensive compared to what they cost to build and the movies are better, but way too expensive in today’s repressed markets.”

I suppose that the key difference between Blu-Ray and BetaMax is that Blu-Ray won the format war.  However, I agree.  Sony needs to license out the technology, or it’s going to be quite some time before we have a complete DVD replacement.

Others are simply turning to HDTV for their High-Def movies.  How do you feel?  Is it simply the economy that is hurting Blu-Ray?  Do you use Blu-Ray, or are you still sticking with DVDs?  Leave a comment!

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