Bing – Microsoft’s New Search Engine

When you search something on the web (supposedly using Google) you “Google it”, but will you be willing to “Bing it”?  Well, Microsoft is hoping so.  Microsoft will be launching a new search engine sometime this week called Bing and they are going to put a 100 million dollar advertising campaign behind it.  I’m personally very skeptical.  Microsoft has done a lot with Live search to try and promote it without much success.  For example, its cashback rewards program which practically gave people free stuff and decent discounts on products, yet people still didn’t use Live over Google. has also been throwing advertising money around for the past couple of years and they still haven’t seen much of an increase in traffic (approximately 1% increase).  Perhaps Microsoft will have better luck.  Microsoft should consider integrating their search engine within Windows as both a local and external search (I’m not sure if the EU will like that though) but that will definitely get more people to try it and actually use it.  That may be one option for Microsoft in terms of breaking some ground.  It may be a especially good idea with Windows 7 coming out in the near future – it would essentially kill two birds with one stone.

I have been attempting to figure out why people use Google over other search engines and while I feel like I have a decent idea there has to be something that will eventually be able to truly compete with it.  It really is just a matter of time.  Will Bing be it?

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