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The Palm Pre will be available on June 6th (two days before WWDC when Apple is excpected to announce a new iPhone) for $199.  Should Apple be worried?  Is the iPhone in grave danger?  I really don’t think so.  Forget the features and functionality in both devices for a second.  If you ask me, I think it’s Palm who should be worrying – not Apple.

For starers, Apple has already created a solid demand for the iPhone and a loyal user base.  Palm has nothing to show the past couple of years they have essentially been nowhere in the market.  The Pre is there big break back into the mobile market and they know it too.  This is why Palm is releasing the Pre two days before the new iPhone will supposedly be announced.  If Palm is unable to create enough hype behind the Pre it will be washed out by iPhone hype.  Plam’s only chance is to do what they are doing by releasing a couple days before the iPhone.

Additionally, look at the coverage maps for both AT&T (the iPhone carrier) and Sprint (The Pre carrier).



AT&T covers much more of the United States than Sprint does so unless Palm is planning to make arrangements with other carriers it is definitely going to be tough to match up against the iPhone which has many more potential customers. I should also note in my personal experience (and from hearing from friends) Sprint service is absolutely horrendous. If your carrier cannot provide decent service to your phone – what’s the point of even having it? Personally, I would be more worried if the Palm Pre was coming to Verizon (see their coverage map).


So who is scared of who?

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