It sure is cold outside, well, at least in most of the United States. Here in New York City it’s currently what feels like a balmy 25 degrees after being in the single digits for what felt like an eternity. Though it seems that a winter storm warning is now in effect for this evening into tomorrow sometime. Anyway, why am I talking about the weather? Well, because a company called Mujjo recently sent a pair of their touchscreen gloves and to be honest, they’re awesome.

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I wasn’t expecting much when I first opened the pouch/bag they came in, but immediately after placing my finger on the glove I knew these were going to be good. The Mujjo touchscreen gloves are well-made and work really well. I was sent the single layered touchscreen glove and it was extremely comfortable, it also kept my fingers warm while trekking around NYC in the single digit temperatures. I really liked how Mujjo included a number of grips all over the palm of the glove including on the fingers, but smartly stopped the grips at the finger tips to ensure there were no issues when tapping on your smartphone display.

Also, if you have an iPhone X with Face ID configured you never need to take your hand out of your gloves as your phone will unlock via your face, leaving you able to easily unlock it by simple swiping up glove on and all. Touching the screen with the gloves on was no different than without, no lag, no issues. They work as advertised. If you’re unsure what size to buy, you can download, print, and use the sizing guide on their website.

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The Mujjo single layered gloves retail for around $30. I highly recommend them after my use. The company also offers other models included a double layered glove as well as a leather glove which looks really cool and stylish.

Have any other gloves I should check out? Let me know!

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